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Get Your Library Card


The Metropolis Public Library is funded by tax revenue. Therefore, any Metropolis City resident is eligible to have a borrower’s card with proof of name and current residence address within the city limits. There is no charge for a City resident to have a borrower’s card.

A borrower’s card must be presented each time a user wishes to borrow library materials or use public library equipment. Items accepted for identification include, but are not limited to, a driver’s license or identification card, passport, or cancelled mail received at the applicant’s address.

The signature of a parent/guardian/custodial caregiver is required on the application/permission letter for any child who applies for a borrower’s card and who has not attained the age of eighteen (18). High school students not possessing one of the above forms of proper identification may be required to have a custodial parent or guardian present at the time of application to verify his name and current city address.

By signing the application/permission letter, the parent/guardian/custodial caregiver agrees to assume financial responsibility for all materials charged on the minor’s card.

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If you live outside the city limits of Metropolis, but own property inside the city limits, you are entitled to receive a library card. You must present your photo identification and the current year’s tax bill for the property. You must renew your card yearly.


Persons living outside the City may obtain a borrower’s card by paying a $35.00 fee and by providing proof of a permanent residence address. This fee is paid in lieu of the property taxes paid by the city residents.

Borrowers’ cards are valid one year from the date of the original application. Before a borrower’s barcode number is re-validated, all registration information contained in the user record must be verified, and updated if necessary. All overdue material must be returned and all fines and/or fees must be paid in full before a borrower’s barcode number is re-validated. A borrower assumes full responsibility for all use made of the card.

By signing the application form, the borrower agrees to comply with all library rules and regulations; to pay all fines; to be responsible for any loss or damage to materials; to provide immediate notice of any change of address; and to provide immediate notice if the card is stolen.

A borrower is not permitted to use another person’s library card.

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